Hello World!

Welcome to my role-playing addict blog, for some reason that name was taken in 2011 and in spanish, and no one ever used it, what a waste of a perfect name. Also, role-playing anonymous wasn’t working, so sorry, this was the best I could do.

First, and foremost, please read my about page to see my warning on what happens to rude comments or name calling in comments, don’t ever tell me you didn’t know the rules if you had a comment deleted, it’s just plain common courtesy, and sense to treat people with respect. Please view the other notes mentioned in the about page, not a necessity but would be appreciated. Please and Thank you, (trust me when I say these two phrases alone go a very long way).

Second, each topic will be about something or some game specifically, please try to comment on topic. If you want to ask about another game or slight topic change, double check to see if I don’t already have one going on another post. If new topic is made I will delete comment and refer you to said post for you. I’ll also try to have links for similar conversations in other posts for easier navigation. Since I’m still learning the ropes here, please try to be patient as I’m not on 24/7, and can only use an android phone to make all comments, posts, edits and such.

On that note, I apologize in advanced for any future mistakes, errors, in spelling, grammar, or even just plain horrible English. It’s not the easiest language, even if it is my native tongue. Plus, the keypad on this touch screen isn’t exactly what I’m used to, so if you see any major errors, let me know, I’m happy to edit to clear anything up, and just to keep comments easy to navigate, it will be deleted so to not take up space on a page that might take longer to load.

If you’d like to help keep comments clutter free, awesome! Help me out if you see something was corrected, (after you post about it) and delete your own comment if I hadn’t gotten to it, or if you find you’ve been corrected on a thought, opinion or fact, (to the point you agree) you may also edit/delete your comment. If it’s a discussion of great confusion for others to reference, I’m fine with keeping a copy of it and create an entire post to move it to and reference to. I don’t expect that to happen often, but hey, my fellow gaming geeks share similar traits in debating ideas to find the best possible answer, it happens. Just please try to keep it civil, thank you.

It’s 1a.m. here, so I’ll try to post something later to get started.


4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. (Great example of commenting for the newer peeps out there) Hi, I’m Role-playing Addict, and I’m addicted to role-playing games.

    Yes, you may greet yourself here if you plan to follow my blog, I’d love to hear about my followers, too!


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