The Daily Interview

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Agree to Disagree.”

To start, I would like to inform my reader’s that for my daily prompts, will be like interviewing my characters in novels I’m working on. This still acts as role-playing which is the main purpose of this blog, and I would also love to hear from fellow role-players about characters they use, and how they would respond to the daily prompt as well?

I’m going to focus on two main worlds out of my many ideas. World one is going to know as F.B.:(insert book number in series), and my second world is O.C.

F.B.:(all) has 4 main characters, but to save time and my poor thumbs, I’ll Use M.S.J. for this post.

O.C. has MANY main characters, let’s go with E.I.M., the main heroine, M.A.L., the love interest, (wink, wink), and, for comicical reasons, let’s throw in A.M. (still need to remember her middle name).

So today’s prompt, actually yesterday’s since it’s after 1a.m., asks how does one maintain friendships/relations to those one can not agree with, do they disagree and move on? Or disagree and linger in the argument with misery.

M.S.J.: “well, in the past, there was no room to disagree with my mentor, or with most of society, being a woman of old times, we didn’t have a say in our thoughts. So then, I would just keep quiet and waited for opportunities for a new way to discuss views.

Today, is a Whole other story, but I’m afraid, I can’t reveal my views for this particular interview.”

E.I.M.: “Um, I don’t really have any relations… Um…” fidgets with sleeves, “My friends don’t really… um… bring up topics of any views I’ve disagreed with.. so… I’m not sure I’m much help on this topic…”

M.A.L.: “Oh, I know more about this, definitely. My parents are a prime example of disagreements. They are all for me carrying on the family name and business, but I wanted to go to school to become a doctor. Had to fight them for years. I actually had to cut off ties with them. I’m glad I pursued my career, if I hadn’t, wouldn’t of met E.I.M., and I wouldn’t know how to solve this world’s main issue.

So, I fully believe, go with your view, it might save a life one day.”

Uh… thanks M.A.L…. not exactly on point, but sure…

A.M.: “Omg, my friend, let’s name her C.S., is so against another one of my friends, she was all like, ‘I don’t want to hang with,…er… her!’ Of course I stand up for my good friends, she has NO right to diss my friends, cause,…well… their my friends, you know?”

Uh huh, and you guys agree to disagree?

A.M.: “um, well,… kinda?”


A.M.: “well, things kept coming up, and we didn’t  finish the conversation.”

In other words, peeps, don’t drink if you have ADHD, while at a club, if you’re going to get in an arguement…

A.M.: “Hey!”

Are you seriously denying that didn’t happen?

A.M.: “um…no…”

So, there we have it! Four… or, really less, views on this prompt.

Still curious to see how other’s would role play this topic, leave a comment, let me know!


Agree to Disagree


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