How often does a character write?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

Well, let’s see, this is an awkward daily prompt for me, but hey, I’m all for the challenge.

My question for others is, how often do you let your character write, or communicate differently aside from dialogue?

Personally, for this prompt, I actually write more often than most these days, but I have to take a break, since my hands cramp up so easily. Last month, I was writing with a legit fountain pen, working on some fan fiction. Mind you, having to change the ink cartridge every day was a pain. Reason to resorting to writing, all my computers and laptops and netbooks have died on me. Lol I have to use a phone to type now, and it’s not worth it for my poor tired thumbs.

As for my characters, for my own question, two characters actually write, not type, but write. I found it odd that I also noticed they are the main heroines… huh, so aside from me forcing to write, let’s ask the one that practically chosen it as a specific reason.

So, M.S.J., the first book you’re in, you are found writing in a journal, the next book reveals what happened in your pass, tell me. Why do you use writing to tell your story, and when you succeed your mission in the first book, do you plan to write in the third?

M.S.J.: “Well, I know that since my story in the series starts far advanced in the future, and old fashion writing is almost an ancient study, but I remember the letters and language so well, and it was a cooping mechanism to deal with all my choatic past and the memories that follow.

As for the second book showing my past, does that mean the readers found my old journal?”

Yep! I wonder how that makes you feel by the way.

M.S.J.: “Well, I’m not sure, I do wonder how that will effect the outcome for the third book… which you ask if I’ll continue to write of my objective is achieved… hmm, I guess we’ll just have to find out if I manage to keep my sanity by then.

As for the journal, I wanted my story to get known, but after all the years, I never seen the journal be discovered, or at least talked about, I wondered where the journal was found, and why do we have to wait for the end of this book?”

Hehehe, sorry M.S.J. I can’t tell you how your story goes, you just have to experience it.

Well, that’s the second daily interview. But I had one more side note.

I noticed that in my country, schools are beginning to weed out cursive writing, which I think is irresponsible, since everything is going digital, they want to get rid of the “written language”… there are many problems to this issue. Post offices will be out of business for letters, the “John Hancock” will be worthless, forensics will be harder to determine who writes what, and what happens if the world has a massive black out, how does writing come back to newer generations who grow up without it, or worse, no one remembers how to teach it? Just, so many problems. I’m not saying don’t go digital, just saying, don’t kill off the pre-digital age.

As usual, all commenters are welcome, even if you’d like to role play your answers.

Pens and Pencils


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