The role-playing Prompt Challenge!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”

Yes! A perfect prompt for my blog! Now, is it okay to use my own stories though they haven’t been published yet, or do the characters actually have to be famous?

It’s a fan fiction heaven, so I’m going to use two of my own, and two from a movie or tv series. Ohhh, I hope it’s good, who should I choose?

The cafe had just opened hours ago, and still the staff begins thier day. The tables were all a mess, it seemed that last night’s celebration was more than what the bust boys could handle. Only one lone booth remains, barely untouched, in a far corner. Four customers arrived, separately. The waitress greets and apologizes for such a disastrous scene laid before them, and requests they share the booth until the staff can at least finish cleaning some more tables off.

The four individuals quietly stumble towards the booth. One woman, last in line hesitates to follow, fidgeting away at her poor sleeves, ready to unravel.

The eagered and overly exited man, sat down first, his brown overcoat getting caught by the woman with peculiar eyes, whom sits next to him. The bald one, eyes the strange woman, but not that any one could see his reaction, being masked by a pair of goggles. He sits to the edge on the opposite side. The poor, nervous wreck of a woman stands there, unsure where to sit. Slowly, all eyes were on her, just standing there. Her face reddens, and she quickly takes a step back in embarrassment, and slips on the corner of a nearby seat.

“Ah!” The meek voice yelps.

“Are you alright?!” Jumps the man in the middle, which nearly topples the table. Being sandwhiched between the strangers, he hops up, and over the table. Quickly tries to help the women up.“Here, take my seat, come on now, sit down.”

“But, but… ah!”

The man in the over coat sweeps her off the ground and gently but hastly plops her into his seat, he stood where she once was, hands balled into fists on hips. “There!”

“Uh, I don’t think you should of done that, she’s clearly not a public type person, and you just trapped an anxious woman between two strangers and your blocking the only path she has out…” The one with the peculiar eyes spoke.

“Nonsense, I’m the Doctor, I know what I’m doing!” He exclaims.

“You’re her doctor, and you just pick her up sending her into a panic,” she questions, “You should be fired.”

“I didn’t say I’m her doctor, I said I’m The Doctor.”

Everyone blinks at the strange man, except for the obviously panicing woman. The other woman slowly gets up.

“Here, no need to panic, maybe you should use the restroom. Go wipe your face, it’ll help calm you. You don’t have to come back if you’re not ready or uncomfortable.”

The young woman quickly gets up, starts to scurry, but stops, and turns, “um… uh… tha-thank you.” And rushes to the bathroom.

“You can take your seat back if you’d liked, but if she comes back, don’t bother to engage her. For a doctor, you obviously don’t know an agoraphobic person, when you see one.”

“But!” He starts to speak again, instead she cuts him off.

“Just shush, it’s too early for this ruckus”

The bald man just smirks, his deep voice almost rumbles, “you seem like you’ve experienced a lot.”

“Well, you see I,” again the doctor is cut off.

“No, you obviously seem like someone who hasn’t learned from experience, Doctor. I’m pretty sure he meant me.”

“How can you tell? I don’t even see his eyes behind those goggles. Besides, I’ll have you know, that with my age, I’ve experienced a lot!”

“Oh, and you think you’re older than me?” Her yellow-rimmed irises thicken.

“Uh.. um… I’ve been around for a long time,” he stares distractingly at her eyes, “and um… huh, those eyes are natural, I thought they were contacts. What species are you?”

“Really? That’s almost more offensive than asking a woman thier age!” She stares at him with such intensity…and thinks for a moment, “oh… that’s why, you’re not human, should of known, the two hearts was a give away.” She studies him back, watching both of thier reactions. They appeared stunned. She felt interested in how this would play out, “I’ll tell you my secret if you tell me yours.”

“Uh… how did you…what are you?” The doctor lengthing his word for ‘are’. “Okay then, I’m a Timelord, and I’ve been alive for so long, traveling time and space, I’ve lost track, somewhere older than 3000, I suppose.” He smiles, feeling so sure of himself.

“Huh, interesting, and you? You’re not to shocked by me, so you can’t be human either,”

“… I’ll just keep to myself, thanks.”

“Then, I’m not telling.” She shrugs.

“Oh come on now, you can’t leave us hanging after a declaration like that!” He turns to the mystery being, “I said mine, tell her yours.”

“… fine,” he sighs in contempt, ” I’m a Furyian…” they stare at him, waiting for more, “… that’s all I’m telling.”

“Furyian huh,… nope, never came across that one, so what’s yours.”

“For a guy that doesn’t say a lot, you certainly  told a lot.” She smirks. “Okay okay, I’ll spill, I am a woman of my word. Let’s  see, I was born human in the 1600’s, so that technically makes me… about 3700 years? But I’m currently 32…. for this lifetime at least.” they look at her in doubt. “What? I’m constantly reborn every 33 years, and cursed to remember all my lives… it’s a long story, besides, the normal human returning, best not scare her off.”

The nervious woman slowly walks back, looking down, her sleeves almost destroyed. Stands there…

“Did you want to sit? I’ll give you my seat, if you need the easy access to leave.” The woman shakes her head no. “Well, we discover this guy here is, a Doctor of universe’s mysteries, this guy… um, aside from being a loner, is not too keen in giving away he’s obviously on the run from or for something, I’m experienced with… let’s just say many of life’s situations. Want to tell us your story?” Again, she shakes head no… “mind if I guess?” The woman ponders for a second. She slowly nods in approval.

“Well, more than likely, You’re dealing with a great loss… and finding it difficult to reconnect with others. But you are trying, othwrwise you would of ran out the door and never came back. Let’s see, you have a good heart, but full of uncertainty, and still very young, I’d guess about 19?”

The young woman’s  eyes widen, “how… how did yo-you guess that?”

“Oh, a slight trick of mine, I can read a person’s aura. It tells me of thier personality, and from…uh… many years of observing, ehem, I basically can relate what colors placed in certain areas, mean. It’s not 100%, but it’s pretty accurate for being vague, and the age guess was just that, a guess.”

The waitress comes along and gives menues and the update on the other tables. One by one, the group of strange strangers separate, and had thier meals, and went on with thier separate lives.

Whew, my poor thumbs. I just couldn’t continue in one post for so long. Welp, love to see other’s response to this post and the prompt, do leave me a link in the comments to yours!

Edit: I had to come back and fix a lot of errors, if you see any grammar problems or spelling issues, do let me know. Typing on a phone makes this so much more difficult.

Pleased to Meet You


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