When the Body Wishes to be Heard

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Hmmm… refreshed, if only I knew what that ever felt like…

Let’s see, Body? What do you feel on this subject?

Feet: “Stop stepping on me, I’m tired of tripping on you and everything around you!”

Calfs, Thighs, Arms: “We’re tired and sore!”

Knees: “You bend me one more time and I will collapse from your weight… (twitch!) I said STOP THAT!”

Ow body, give me a break, I have to move, do you expect me to lay in bed all day?

All: “YES!” (All spasms at once).

But, what about food, and bathroom necessities?

Stomach: “Eh, not hungry yet, give me five minutes.”

Bladder: “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know.”

Okay, you both know you wait last second to tell anything. And you stomach are a pain! You scream at me to eat, and won’t tell me what you want, and when I do gather food for you, you waste it!

Stomach: “What… I get full, I thought you want me full, you do want me  to stop being hungry, right?”

Not after two bites when there’s a whole plate or bowl of food for you!

Back, what’s your issue?

Back: “The doctor says I’m in constant spasm… I refuse to release.”

But…. aren’t you tired? Don’t you want to relax?

Back: “… I… refuse….(yawns) to releaseeeeeee….zzzzzz”


Arms, right foot, left leg: “zzzz…..zzzz….zzzz…”

Wake up! It hurts me when you sleep! The tingling, I can’t stand it!

Hands, why won’t you grip items, or lift that gallon of milk when I need you to? (Whines in pain).

Hands: “… I don’t have muscles, go ask the arms why they won’t do thier part.”

Arms, why won’t you let hands grip items, or lift that gallon of milk when I need to?

Arms: “zzz, huh?… oh, I don’t have muscles for that, ask hands…. zzzzz”

Ugh… I’m sick of this run around, body, you need to start listening to me, if you won’t cooperate in therapy, workouts and stretches, life is going to be much more difficult for you!

Body: “We don’t listen to you, we listen to brain.”

… Great, my biggest weakness… my inability to think in sound… Body, ask Brain why it tells you to ruin my life.

Body: “…. Brain refuses to answer that question.”


Body: “… Brain says it refuses to answer any of your questions…”

… This officially sucks… sorry prompt, I can’t answer you, and neither can my characters, none of them experience it, because I’ve yet to experience it.

Re-springing Your Step


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