Dragon Ball Z in the D&D world

Sorry peeps, the daily prompt is bringing up too much negativity talk for my liking, so I shall post something that is role-playing related.

I’m working on setting up my own D&D campaign. Mind you, this is only the second time I’ve DMed. But keeping it to a role-playing aspect, having a generalized story, and take out most of the annoying calculations, I’ve done pretty good.

I wanted to gather some people who can do a good role play of specific characters, throw them in a world, record the outcome, and make a fan fiction of it.

Right now, 7 known characters and one unknown character in the DBZ world will be thrown into the world of D&D. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, 18, and Bulma are among the known.

The story starts with, all but 18 are gathered on Kami’s lookout, preparing for two to enter the hyperbolic time chamber before the cell games. Suddenly, just as Bulma hands off baby Trunks, they vanish in then air.

They are in a new dimension, and find that thier abilities, including flying, doesn’t work. They see 18 in a slight distance, the players will decide what to do from here.

Thier goals involve, how to get vack to thier own dimension, and in the mean time, how to adapt in this world without thier prior physical abilities. In a way, Bulma is currently at an advantage in this world.

I’m already setting up specific character sheets, for each person. I’ve placed on them the set calculations based on race traits, class traits and skills, and each level after, they will have an updated sheet to refer to. Specific abilities I’ve set up as one being a racial feat, and the other as a class feat set to learn from. Each in game day, they have one hour to train themselves, or with another on a similar feat. How this works, they choose one skill, I have a set number for them to beat. If they roll a D20 with five successes, they learned the first level of that skill. Learning with a buddy gains a + to each roll. They get 6 rolls per session of training. (1 for every 10 mins in the hour). If they received four successes in one day, and train again the next day, they lose one success roll and need two to officially learn said feat. For each day they don’t continue to learn the feat, they lose one success roll. (This doesn’t apply to learned feats).

Specific feats will have levels, depending on type, the rolls of success could be higher, and number to beat lower, or vise versa to gain a level in that feat.

This feat system is the only thing that hasn’t been hardwire into each character, which aside from role-playing, gives each player a unique way to play.

Because I don’t have a set book for everyone tofollow to make thier characters fair in level with each other, (wouldn’t want Vegeta over power all the others based on rules they can find all over the place and go on a kill the other players spree.) I found if I just do the calculations myself, it’ll play more smoothly for everyone, and we can just focus on gaining abilities/feats and the story.

So, today, I wonder what other people have done to customize thier games when using other ideas as thier basis.

I might also just use this post to update on how the campaign went, and leave a fan fiction post here and there onthe game.

Opinions are welcome, but as always, please keep them on topic and civil.


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