The Love of Writing/Gaming

First, I’d like to apologize for not keeping up on this blog. There are a lot of problems with this phone’s data provider, the pages constantly lose connection, or for some random reason, the keypad is too laggy, it’s difficult to see what I’ve typed. If you see any major errors, that’s my second apology. Lol

So, today was Valentine’s Day, and I’m going to avoid personal information about this day, let’s talk about a different love.

This blog covered role-playing, which can be done in both writing or gaming. So, without further ado, my love for writing and games.

The thing I like about role-playing in writing involves full creativity, and the freedom you have with it. You not only create personalities, but the character’s history, some times, you can role play an inanimate objects, like entire worlds, or ideas, like political views and religious or mythical stories. You’re not bound to any rules, or physics, or system, if you need a story to fight your character, you can alter anything you like. Some find this difficult, mainly because it requires them to open thier minds to outrageous possibilities. Some find it scary, they fear that some how they will get judged for thier thoughts or ideas. I tell them, create an anonymous account and throw caution to the wind from there. ^_^ no deadlines, no stress, no restrictions, no obligations other than the one’s you make. It’s really freeing, I promise.

On a game level, role-playing comes of as an exciting challenge with set rules and limitations, always trying to find the best route and set up, or unique qualities to give your character. Try to beat a personal best in time or stats or finding new story secrets. It’s mysterious, suspenseful and very addicting. But this route can be time sensitive or consuming. Some just can’t afford the time to play role-playing games. I’m still looking for a great RPG with no time restrictions.

Some of the games I’ve played have seasonal items or specific events available, so if you’re too time constrained, it’s not a good idea to get addicted to said games. Others have save points that might even take you over an hour to get to, with no way to save your progress in between. These, you better have a good two hours of free time to play them each day. I can’t stand the games that require time to upgrade a building, or energy points to do your next task, either  I choose when I play, or I don’t play at all.

Recently I’ve gotten into Clash of Clans. Aside from the constant disconnecting, I was having fun, until buildings required so much resources to upgrade that I have no way of saving up between attacks, and then when buildings start taking a full day to upgrade?… boring… but that’s just my opinion.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, of not, or you  were single and down today, take my first advice. Role play to your heart’s content!


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