Easy Farm Story Tutorial

So lately, I’ve been playing Farm Story on my fiancee’s Android Phone. I had looked around for tutorials for the game and found that most have been outdated. Furthermore, the game hasn’t been updated in at least two years… So I thought I’d go out of my way to bring the tutorials as close to updated as possible.

Farm Story Title Screen Screen
Farm Story Title Screen 


When starting Farm story, you must wait for the game to load. This is my first time doing pics in a post, so bare with me… especially since it’s on a phone.


Now, I have to give you a screenshot, aka SS, of my farm. There is no way to start over from scratch because the game remembers your phone specs, and ID number. So yea, if you mess up, no second chances unless you start fresh from a different device.

Log in Messages
Log in Messages


This is your login message board, it appears if you have any recent gifts sent or requests pending once logging in.

1. Indicates it’s your messages, don’t confuse this with your wall.

2. Tells you how many unread messages you have.

3. Shows the picture of gift or request, who from, name of item, if accepted where it’s located. The arrow next to the name if tapped directs you to your neighbor’s farm.

4. You have choices, accept or decline, word of advice, once a construction item has been accepted into your inventory, you can’t delete, sell, or get rid of them unless you build the construction they go to. More about construction later. Once item has been accepted, you have another choice, use or gift back. If you gift back the item, you’ve done two things, given a gift to that person for the day, and removed the message from your queue. You still kept the item they gifted you. More about gifts later. More about requests later.

5. These are just some dumb ads to other games the game’s creator’s own, don’t bother with them, most of them are too complicated or flawed. As mentioned, the developers haven’t updated this game in a long while.



Up close on farm
Up close on farm


Yeah, your zoomed in when you start to play, for the sake of playing I’m zomming out, First of all, I want to point out, I believe you start with a 15×15 farm. Each 1×1 can fit 4 small items such as the gnomes, or one square plot for crop growing and trees.

Lots of options here.
Lots of options here.


Okay, this begins to get tricky to explain.

1. Coins, main currency in game, this is one of many benefits you want to gain. Good news, once a day if you log in after in game midnight, which is 12a.m. PST. you gain some additional coins, it’s supposedly impossible to become broke, not sure, haven’t tested, don’t plan on testing.

2. Gems… this is what I hate most games for, need of real money to get special, or specific items, avoid spending these at all cost! You earn bonus gems here and there, like completeing a crops experience, or leveling up, as far as I’ve seen, these are the only two in game ways. I completed two crops, the two gnomes on my farm are the prizes for them.

3. Experience and Level, yeah, I know, dumb thing blocks it, I’m level 27 during this tutorial. Plotting, planting and harvesting gives most experience. You may also gain XP from buying decorations, not completely worth it though, more on why later.

4. Camera… supposedly takes a SS to be plastered on your FB account… mine won’t connect so it’s a waste of my time.

5. This I’ll have to cover in another SS. Basically it’s your main access to neighbors, inviting, and random visiting.

6. Your Storm ID access, I don’t use it. Lol

7. This clip board full of ads is just useless crap taking up space… ignore it.

8. Your wall, oh god, that annoying character limit fiasco… don’t get me started, I’ll go over this in another SS later as well.

9. Tools, so it says it even has tools within tools, so that too will have to be another few SSs… yea, you read right, I said FEW.

First let me show you the mailbox one, what happens when you tap that.

Social1, random picks.
Social1, random picks.

Also known as, community, from here you get a variety of random players you may go water 5 plots each for. You can write on thier walls, give them info to add you as your neighbor, etc. The stars indicate how often THEY water, the higher the star count, the more they water daily. I think the count goes, 0stars for no watering, 1star for 5 players been watered, 2stars for 15 players, 3stars for 35 players, and 4max stars for 50+ watered daily. Now if you go without watering for a day, I think you only lose one star. Best players to add are those with 4stars. They will water your crops daily, more on that later.

Social2, neighbors
Social2, neighbors

Sometimes if someone is adding you, you’ll see some requests at the top, that’s if they didn’t show up in your messages first.

Stormie is everyone’s neighbor, thus the zero stars, and always at the top. It’s rhe in game AI neighbor. You can visit it everyday for one bonus of xp, ten crops to water, and give a useless gift that goes no where, useful tip, you can request construction items from Stormie, but only once a day like all neighbors. The other neighbors remain in alphabetical order until you visit them, which brings their names to the bottom of the list. Quick tip, don’t gift them until you get all your watering done on thier farm, it’s a good way to reward daily players, and make sure which ones you need to revisit. Although, if you’re neighbor gets twenty gifts in one day, they can’t be gifted further. When you see that message it is never you sent the them already, it’s they are maxed. If you sent thema gift already, the gift icon wouldn’t be tappable or it outright says so without choosing the gift.

They have thier stars posted as well here, good way to keep track who waters daily.

More on neighbors in a moment.


Social3, Inviting and storm ID
Social3, Inviting and storm ID


Yes, there’s my Storm ID… no I’m not adding peeps willy nilly. I make sure I add active daily users, more on that later.

This is where you can type in your own Storm ID, that ID is how you add people, it is NOT YOUR FARM NAME, if can be the same as your farm name if you choosen so, but it isn’t the same thing. This is where you can double check your name when you’re asking others to add you. That invite button is for when you want to put in thier storm ID and add them as a Neighbor. Simple, not going to further explain that, if you can’t understand, there’s no possible way for me to further explain so your just out of luck.

Added note about IDs, it doesn’t matter if you type capped or not, as long as it’s the same letter, you invited the same user. Ex: friend123 is the same as FriEnD123 in the invite tab, so someone sends you NeighborRequest321, you can just type in neighborrequest321.😛

The use of neighbors is to get watered, daily bonuses, gifts, construction help, and the ability to expand your farm. Each expansion costs 50k coins more than before, more on that later.

Okay, the following pics might be outdated, or a bit different looking on the farm itself. It’s been a bit, and I’ve leveled, and rearranged items.

I’m going to try my best to show you the menu button, and what it has to choose from.

Menu screen


Okay, most of this is self explanatory. Profile, social, invite, settings, help/faq, and collectibles.

Now, invite and social just leads you to the other screens I showed earlier, really no difference there, settings isn’t really something you need to worry about touching, so no biggy there. Help/faq, just send you to an online page, nothing worthwhile there if you have crappy service like I do.

That leaves profile, and collectibles.

Collectibles I’m going to cover in a more intermediate setting on another post, but basically certain actions gives a small chance of gaining a “collectible” and if you get a set you turn them in to get a bonus.

Profile… okay this has a few screens to look at.


Your Wall
Your Wall

As you can see, profile leads to three tabs, the first is YOUR wall, each post, as shown above, can only hold 100 characters each… hence why my wall has this website for you to learn this tutorial, there’s no way I’m publishing everything on a farm wall with no pictures. Lol I think the max amount of posts has been 50, anything afterwards older at the bottom just gets deleted. I’m going to cover specific messages to look for or type in intermediate post.

The next two tabs, well, one is Profile as shown below.

Actual profile, don't you love how many taps it takes to get to the place it says?
Actual profile, don’t you love how many taps it takes to get to the place it says?

This shows you how many current neighbors you have, right noe I need 25, and then 30 for my next expansions until I’m level 35. It shows your star count, I’m still not exactly sure on the estimated watering you need to do for getting full 4 stars. And there’s your farm name NOT your storm ID. Change I think costs gems, while the picture only gives two options, male or female.

NeNews just lets you see your news screen like I showed at the beginning of this tutorial, but here you go, a recap on that.

Another news feed screen.
Another news feed screen.

Okay… I think that covers that. Next is tools… this is where it gets a bit chaotic. Since I think this post is huge enough, I’ll put that in the intermediate section next post. Do let me know how you think the beginner post looks, if I need to clarify anything here, or fix a few errors, or if you find a bonus tip that is helpful here.


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