Country Life: Harvest Day Tutorial, Basic, Title Screen

Okay, so I’ve been missing Harvest Moon a lot, and went to check Google Apps for a game like it, the first one that came up was Country Life: Harvest Day. There’s another App by the same people just named Country Life, but I haven’t started it yet. I noticed that this game was originally for Thailand(?) mainly, but it does have an English speaking setting.  Warning, the English in this game isn’t grammatically correct, and can be confusing to follow. I went to check around for a walkthrough of the game, I found ONE… yep, just one and it’s not complete, and seems that they stopped posting on it about 6 months ago. Also, it seems their English is a bit off as well, and the tutorial is a bit all over the place. So I thought, eh, I’m not too bad on giving tutorials, I was better at it in video recording, but I think I can manage to do something here.

One personal opinion I have on the game that urks me a little too much, the sensitivity of a tap. You try to tap this one button, your character runs off in that direction instead of using the action… this happens a few good times and wastes your in game time. Yes, it’s like harvest moon, and time progresses 30 mins every, 5-10seconds? So while you’re trying to realign your character to the place you were trying to do said action, you have already taken about an hour in game… this is highly frustrating, so I suggest your first run-through is to get the hang of the sensitivity, and familiarize yourself with the surroundings and who to find where and when… ish…

This is the most basic of basic beginner Tutorials I’m making for this post. Lol First download the game, here’s the one you want to tap when you install it. And not to be confused with the normal one.

Country Life: Harvest Day, icon on Android.
Country Life: Harvest Day, icon on Android.

As you can see, with such poor service, this took me over a half hour to post… so the ingame online stuff, heads up, I can’t post because I can’t connect, but most of the game can be played without multiplayers.

As you also see, I did download Country Life, and Country Life: Harvest Day, we want the icon that says Harvest Day.

What’s it look like when we open it? Screenshot_2015-03-23-22-51-53

Opening screens, including Company Logo of Pro Gaming, and loading screen.
Opening screens, including Company Logo of Pro Gaming, and loading screen.

Well… Nothing to see here…

Okay, so the first time you get to the title screen, it won’t say continue. So here’s what it looks like.

Title screen.
Title screen.

So…. since some of the options don’t have words… I numbered them.

Numbered options.
Numbered options.

1. This is to exit the game.

2. Start a new game, also automatically deletes previously saved games.

3. Extremely vague and short tutorial that shows when starting a new game anyway, you don’t actually get to try what they explain until the entire tutorial is over and you’re still lost and confused, hence why I had to look up what I was doing, and thus decided to make my own tutorial.(-_-)

4. Free Golden Egg, supposedly can get one, once a day… have to be logged into Facebook to do so… since I have bad connection, I have no idea how this works. But as soon as you tap it, all I see is you must log into Facebook… this is a bad sign already, for me at least… I really hope I don’t see too many more of these issues…

Login Facebook... for free Golden Egg?
Login Facebook… for free Golden Egg?

5. Settings… ish… this I have another screen shot of.

Setting screen.
Setting screen.

Okay… so you tapped settings and see this jumble mess… the first of five options is sound… you either have it on or off.

The flag, or third option is your language setting, there is only two to choose from, “English” which I’ve already said isn’t really well translated, better than most, but still, with as few options or explanations they give… this really could be worked on, the other I think is Thai… I could be wrong… I only really studied Japanese, I recognize some Chinese, Korean, and Russian, but that’s about all I know for Asian Languages, so I don’t know the other flag… if someone could verify it please, I’ll gladly fix this.

The two options on the bottom… do absolutely nothing when tapped… so… no idea what thier uses are, I can assume one is a score board against other players, but since I can’t connect online in a game well enough…. well, it’s useless to me… maybe they are working on it, there are some things in game still being updated.

Okay, you noticed I skipped the middle/second option… I tapped it, and it led me to this screen:

Credit Screen.
Credit Screen.

See… I’m not sure how to feel about this… it’s thier credits, and I get that giving credit to the makers is important… but… was a “!” Necessary? I associated that symbol for notifications… you know, like to let you know when you’re new day to get a free Golden Egg starts…. because… THAT would of made sense…

I’m almost done with the basic of basic tutorial… yeah, this tutorial is only covering the main title screen, I’ll figure out how to link the next section around here. But first, I wanted to show the other flag that I screen shotted, someone, tell me… what Language is this for?

Alternate language choice. Thai?
Alternate language choice. Thai?

Okay, so that finishes this one up, I can clear most of my screen shots off the phone and start preparing the next tutorial… um… also, anyone know how to place links in WordPress posts from a phone?

I have some updates to add and don’t feel like going back after waiting three hours for this phone to load a single page… so.. took me a half hour of waiting, but I finally logged in for that free egg, supposedly…. these are the two screens to look for.

This one shows up after you log in... says you receive ONE egg on the 15th of each month, not daily!
This one shows up after you log in… says you receive ONE egg on the 15th of each month, not daily!
This just verifying your logging in... but... why didn't this come first???
This just verifying your logging in… but… why didn’t this come first???

I guess it gives a quick notice in game, but you still have to logging in… which takes too long… I really need to get better data service…

Proof I did it... supposedly...
Proof I did it… supposedly…

Next, because I’ve already started playing, I just wanted you guys to see what it looks like when you may continue.

Continue option... can't say I'm not thorough with my tutorials. Lol
Continue option… can’t say I’m not thorough with my tutorials. Lol

When I have better service, maybe tomorrow, I’ll make the official beginner guide on what to find where in the next post.


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