Country Life: Harvest Day Pros and Cons

Country Life: Harvest Day  Loading Screen.
Country Life: Harvest Day
Loading Screen.

Okay, so I realized I made a crap starting tutorial, I’m revamping it and making it more concise and clearer.

First let me point out this is Country Life: Harvest Day, not normal Country Life. It’s an Android App game that was originally Thai, and very much remindings to Harvest Moon game play.

Country Life: Harvest Day, icon on Android.
Country Life: Harvest Day, icon on Android.

This is the icon you want, it’ll load the ProGaming Logo first, then to the loading screen at the top of this blog, then to the Title screen.

ProGaming logo.
ProGaming logo.

There’s two Title screens you will get. One is the first time the app is played you don’t see the continue option, after you saved a game, the continue option will be available on the Title screen.

Title screen. First time playing.
Title screen. First time playing.
Title screen, once a game has been saved, continue option appears.
Title screen, once a game has been saved, Continue option appears.

Note: you may start a new game anytime, but will be asked to delete previous save. Once save has been deleted, there’s only one option to return it, and I haven’t figured that part out yet.

When restarting a new game, old game file must be deleted.
When restarting a new game, old game file must be deleted.

Now, I just wanted to clear that up a bit. I’m going to give you my opinion on the pros and cons of the game.


  • Harvest Moon like game available on the Android.
  • No waiting on crop growth like most farming games.
  • You can add friends to gift items or receive items from Facebook (must be logged in with a stable connection).
  • Point system for skills: Stamina, Overcharge, and Discount.
  • Free daily reward system and ability to EARN Diamonds.
  • Golden Egg Event, received on the 15/16th day of each season, (must be logged into Facebook).
  • Content is still being updated, thus developers respond pretty quickly to any issues.

List may be updated when further information is found.


  • English-language isn’t translated well.
  • In-game tutorial is too rushed and doesn’t allow testing.
  • Extremely sensitive to touch, send character running instead of doing action requested.
  • Aiming to give items or moving around objects is frustrating.
  • Time progresses 30 mins in-game approximately every 15-25 seconds, (personally I’d like a minute until I get the hang of things).
  • Graphics movement in background of shops makes me dizzy/sick. This one is just personal, because I’m blind in one eye and it makes it difficult to not get motion-sickness.
  • Stable Internet Connection required for specific areas to access.
  • There is only ONE other guide online, and it’s English isn’t very well either.
  • “Cooperative,” and “Factory” orders are not explained in-game. Basically, place items in warehouse, run over to one of buildings in village, and accept the order to send. I’ll have a detailed Guide for this, something the other Guide didn’t fully walk-through.
  • No choices on who you can Marry, or choice in your Gender. You are Derek, and your Wife will be Tida.
  • Only “four friends” to increase hearts and receive a gift from. Shrine is considered one, and it’s really picky. I’ll have a specific guide on friends, where to find them, what they say, what they do and don’t like, and a list of all items to either avoid giving, or no worries on giving.

List may be updated once more information is found.

My random weird list that I’m not sure how I personally feel about it:

  • Buying tools is always in coins or option of diamonds, no other materials or leveling required. This is different from Harvest Moon, where normally you need an ore, a specific amount of money and a day or two for item to get upgraded.
  • The only items to “upgrade” is your watering can, or as they call it, “shower”, your bag, by purchasing baskets, (max holding of 20), and a pickaxe… which isn’t an upgrade, it’s an extra tool you need to mine only in Volcano Mines, or to dig up a chance of one diamond a day from 10 of the sparkly hidden diamonds around the maps. Which of course isn’t explained in the game…
  • Why is resting area passed the village (heading west from farm, north through village, past the other “farms” where you buy livestock, to the right/east, talk to sign, nap for two hours replenishs Stamina/ aka gets rid of Fatigue, and besides, once you raise stamina to 4/5, your good until you get fishing rod…)… seriously, this seems like a last-minute thought.

Basic Storyline:

So, you’re the main character, Derek, (because Derek is a Thai name easily translated to English *sarcasm*), whom is in love with the Villiage Mayor’s Daughter, Tida, (because it’s an easy English name translated into Thai *sarcasm*… which is it, Thai to English or English to Thai? Make up your minds please…).

Tida is transfering to University in Bangkok, for four years, and Derek needs to prove his worth to the village in that time.

Apparently his father left him the farm, and a major debt to Pete, the Factory Owner. By doing one order per season to him, you are working off that debt. If you lose the game by not acquiring enough Fame per year, supposedly he gains the farm. (This is just the gist I got from another guide, I haven’t seen any of this explained in-game, but I do like the story for it otherwise. Does this mean if you win the 4 years you can’t continue?)

George is the owner of the Coopertive building, not to be confused for Pete, or his factory. George gives the option of finishing one order a day, don’t accept until you saved up the items in warehouse first. I nearly did Corn, and I had a typhoon wiped out half my order plans the next day, just as a heads up.

I have yet to discover the other characters storyline, but Lee is the Mayor apparently, Jane is the Florist, I don’t understand who Kid is, because he isn’t a kid, and Shrine is just telling you how shallow people are in the game, by which they won’t friend you unless you give them your hard earned items. Because the lesson here folks is that Respect is earned through buying your friends apparently. *Sarcasm* Maybe that should be a con, life’s immoral lessons.

Plans for posts:

Now, I’ll have three types of “guides”, I’ll have the basic Tutorial on how the game works, better than what they gave, there will be lists to view for easier access instead of running all over in-game to realize you don’t have what’s needed. And then I’ll have a personal walk-through of how I manage to get the most put of the game personally. I’ll figure out how to place links here for easy viewing.

Basic Tutorial

  1. Title Screen
  2. Character/Derek Screen/Game Play
  3. How to Farm
  4. How to Buy/Sell, and Place/Send Orders
  5. How to Pick-up/Throw/Gift Items (If not further explained in Game Play)
  6. How to Fish, and Mine Diamonds
  7. Mushrooms (not active yet)
  8. Mining Ores (not active yet)


  1. Gifting to Tida
  2. Buying Tools (Pre-Discount)
  3. Buying Seeds (Pre-Discount)
  4. Selling (Pre-Overcharge, Normal)
  5. Selling (Pre-Overcharge, Orders)
  6. Buying Livestock (not active yet)
  7. Buying Farm Fields (Pre-Discount?)
  8. Friends, Locations, Times, and Likes

Walkthrough (Not active yet)

  1. Starting, and Introductions
  2. First days of ritual.
  3. Sunny/ “Summer” Season Yr 1
  4. Rainy/ Season Yr 1
  5. Snowy/ “Winter” Season Yr 1
  6. Sunny/ “Summer” Season Yr 2
  7. Rainy/ Season Yr 2
  8. Snowy/ “Winter” Season Yr 2
  9. Sunny/ “Summer” Season Yr 3
  10. Rainy/ Season Yr 3
  11. Snowy/ “Winter” Season Yr 3
  12. Sunny/ “Summer” Season Yr 4
  13. Rainy/ Season Yr 4
  14. Snowy/ “Winter” Season Yr 4

Obviously I haven’t started my walkthrough, but I will get there soon enough.


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