I’m born in 1985, and a proud Leo, but with hints of virgo. I’m not one for center of attention, but most other Leo traits are fairly accurate. Here’s the shocker to most gamers or geeks, or best of all: gaming geeks, I’m female. Sorry boys, I’m taken. Please don’t bother to flirt.


I’ve been known under many names, but for anonymity sake, I go be Rping Addict here.


I’ve been role-playing and play role-playing games since approximately 1998, when we first gotten a computer and I entered the world of internet and new found geeky knowledge of role-playing games.


Games included: D&D (3.5 edition); MMORPGs: La Tale, Ragnorak Online; Offline RPGs: RBO, Dragon Age Origins, Vampire Masquerade; Multi-stationed: Final Fantasy (includes origins, III, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, and XII collector’s edition).


NonRp games normally are on a simulation type setting, such as Harvest Moon, Minecraft, SIMs, or I like strategy games like, Chess, Go, Legend of Zelda, (mostly for puzzles), etc.


I have a visual impairment that creates motion sickness in some games, hence why I avoid 3D or first person, action like games, please don’t bother suggesting such games as they will just make me too severely sick to try, and if it’s a game I haven’t heard of, I’d more than likely won’t know much about it to assist you in anything.


My blog, is mainly a place to talk about role-playing, strategy I’ve used in some MMORPGs, and other game related topics. I understand there will be difference in opinions, or information may mistakenly be out of context. I try to keep my posts on topic, clean to an extent, and respectful, I ask the same from any reader or commenter. Any name calling will be automatically me removing said comment, with a warning, and outright rudeness, will be reported/banned. If you must say something against my topic or another comment that is on topic, please keep it respectful, and have room for understanding. I know it’s the “internets” but some people, like I, have disorders that are unable to read emotions through words alone. Please try your best to spell out words, people with dyslexia like myself, find it hard to understand some abbreviations, slang, or text talk as it is. Common ones like ‘lol’, I let slide, and we all know autocorrect can be as much your friend as your enemy, but it’s better than not trying at all. On that note, I spell out role-playing games because rpg is also military for rocket propelled grenade, and I’d like to not give the wrong impression to my readers. You don’t have to, that’s just for first glance readers.


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