Country Life: Harvest Day Tutorial, Basic, Title Screen

Okay, so I’ve been missing Harvest Moon a lot, and went to check Google Apps for a game like it, the first one that came up was Country Life: Harvest Day. There’s another App by the same people just named Country Life, but I haven’t started it yet. I noticed that this game was originally for Thailand(?) mainly, but it does have an English speaking setting. ¬†Warning, the English in this game isn’t grammatically correct, and can be confusing to follow. I went to check around for a walkthrough of the game, I found ONE… yep, just one and it’s not complete, and seems that they stopped posting on it about 6 months ago. Also, it seems their English is a bit off as well, and the tutorial is a bit all over the place. So I thought, eh, I’m not too bad on giving tutorials, I was better at it in video recording, but I think I can manage to do something here.

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